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Sports Equipment

SERATEL ELECTRONICS is the exclusive distributor and importer, SWISS TIMING and Malmsten, in Romania.
We offer dedicated sports competitions and sports equipment for almost all categories of competitions (national, Olympic, etc.).
SERATEL ELECTRONIC was allied with some of the best manufacturers of equipment for sports competitions worldwide, SWISS TIMING. SWISS TIMING is the result of Swiss perfection in terms of timing of time.

Since 1948 the London Olympics, SWISS TIMING used a revolutionary system, OMEGA introduced its cells, photoelectric, who stopped the clock at the exact moment when a runner has crossed the finish line, and a year later Racend OMEGA Timer – photoelectric technology integration and photofinish camera – forever changed the clock timings.

The revolution in the field of sports timekeeping and monitoring reached a very high level and now to support a national or international competition, there must be an authorized surveillance and timing sports competition.

Although in Romania are at the beginning and we have some sports hall, stadioade and Olympic swimming pools that raise global quality, we SERATEL we managed to bring and install equipment and devices from SWISS TIMING and Malmsten and the latest technology all It is an Olympic level.

Sports equipment are dedicated and designed for each sport: athletics, cycling, riding, polo, jumping into the water skii, swimming, volleyball, basketball, handball, etc.

Most sports equipment consisting of:

  • electronic home game
  • detection and monitoring system start (false start detection)
  • electronic cameras for photo finish
  • measuring and monitoring equipment wind
  • Clock time performance monitoring
  • scoring record systems / stroke
  • Electronic score boards / time
  • monitoring systems Game

SERATEL ELECTRONICS offer installation and support for all equipment installed, and pre-installation technical consulting.

We invite you to view our portfolio of works created which was used in sports timekeeping devices and monitoring and SWISS TIMING Malmsten.