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The Seratel solution, an intuitive easy-to-use system that uses Swiss Timing Technology, can be operated with a mouse or a computer touch screen. This system is able to provide all the data service necessary for individual basketball games and full tournaments.
TV viewers, commentators, Internet users, and spectators have real-time access to all the important information. Cumulative statistics for a game or for a tournament can be generated with the touch of a button.Produtcs use in basketball are:

  • Timekeeping and scoring in basketball
  • Registration and accreditation
  • Competition control and management software
  • Scouting PC with handheld PCs or touch screens
  • Timing PC with interface to official timekeeping and manual
  • WinClock” timing software as a backup
  • Online interface for Internet live results
  • OVR
  • TV graphics
  • Analysis tools such as tvPAINT

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