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Media & Informations

And promoting quick and correct information for your business adds. SERATEL ELECTRONICS offers the opportunity to purchase electronic billboards media (advertising) and electronic information panel.

Depending on the field and customer requests, electronic media panels have different technologies, from simple display text / image to play videos and animations.
Electronic media panels are marketed by SERATEL ELECTRONIC 96x96cm or 50x50cm standard format and can thus be customized and manufactured in various sizes.

Information panels Electric may have different sizes and lengths, from a few centimeters to several meters.
Information system with switchgears is dedicated mostly banks, exchange offices, hotels but also in various fields in which wants information or a warning (pharmacies, airports, waiting rooms, gas stations, etc.)

So far we have made and installed electrical panels of information throughout Romania, almost all banks in Romania, gas stations and more than 2,000 exchange offices and other locations.

We invite you to view our portfolio of electronic billboards and media infromare: