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Electronic display panels – dynamic text

These panels are used in the stock exchange, brokerage market, sports score boards, advertisement, etc. Dimensions may vary and information may only be in text or simple images.

Technical features:

  • Can be used for interior or exterior.
  • Outdoor electronic panels contain high luminosity LED matrixes, legible under any weather conditions.
  • IP55 anodized aluminum frameworks.
  • They are employed for the delivery of several brief messages.
  • The information can extend over 50.000 characters or more.
  • The format can be single or double-lined
  • Can come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the beneficiary’s preference.
  • The information will be submitted from a computer, on a RS485 interface.
  • Height and colour font is optional.

Below you can see a photo gallery with products made by SERATEL ELECTRONICS: